Amalya Shandelman Photography | 617-650-6565 | Houston, TX

Headshots (30 minutes session): $200

  • Professional profile images that have wide application: journal articles, profile pictures for social networks (such as Facebook or LinkedIn), illustrations for business reports, unified employee profiles, etc.
  • We will take your headshots with some different posing and face expressions.
  • A client can see real-time photos and choose, what he or she likes.
  • Basic photo editing.
  • Web-gallery with your headshots.

Solo Portraits: $400 per 1 hour

  • The solo portrait could be taken indoor, and outdoor (in city parks and inside clients' backyards).
  • Professional cameras and lighting equipment (we can't rely on weather conditions).
  • Basic photo editing.
  • Optional manual retouching.
  • Web-gallery with your portraits.