Headshots: how we do it

Many of you ask me: When I do headshots, how do I arrange the process.

First, call us at 617-650-6565 to book your date and time for the headshots.

We will discuss what kind of background you prefer. The choices are solid white, gray and black. I also have a lovely blue and lavender (close to light purple) for stained backdrops.


We provide clients with accurate headshots that have wide application: journal articles, social networks profile pictures (like Facebook, LinkedIn), illustrations for business reports, unified employee profiles, etc. We can do headshots right in the client’s office, or in any other place of the client’s choosing.

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Day of Unity 2019

On March 31, 2019, Rice University hosted Houston’s Day of Unity, now an annual event. This year, prominent Houstonians Jack Christie, District 5 Council member, and Jerry Davis, District B Council member and Vice Mayor Pro-Tem, met with the very finest of Houston’s youth, who are just now embarking on their political careers.

Study these portraits of our young boys and girls very carefully.

Brother and Sister Bar + Bat Mitzvah Ceremony, Houston, Texas

Here are some photos from the joint bar and bat mitzvah ceremony of an amazing brother and sister duo, that took place at Bet Rambam synagogue of Houston, Texas.

I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Valery and Benny for the honor of serving as photographer for the event — a rare photo opportunity,

Brother and Sister Bar + Bat Mitzvah Party, Houston, Texas

Here are some photos from the bar and bat mitzvah party of an amazing brother and sister duo at Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Houston, Texas, who celebrated those significant days of their lives together, and at the same time. Mazal tov to them again!

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Apprenticeship Event

It was a great honor to serve as photographer for Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) during an Apprenticeship Accelerator event at the Westin Hotel.
ACS is a veteran owned and staffed organization focused on providing meaningful work and debt-free career pathways to veterans and other underserved populations.
For more photos, please see the Apprenticeship Accelerator website: http://www.goapprenticeship.com/NAW/

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