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Amalya Shandelman | Houston photographer

A Journey into Oneself

When we travel, we do so - more often than not - in the company of friends or
acquaintances, relatives or colleagues. We are accustomed to sharing emotions with
others, and paying rapt attention to everyone and everything around us. And so we
often lose sight of our own selves.

A journey within - visiting and analyzing one's own thoughts, developing and
communicating with ourselves - this is rare in the fast-moving, rapidly advancing
times in which we live.

It is a journey to loneliness. But however long it may last, there is always
development. Appealing to the light, or fighting the evil within ourselves, it is a
process that takes us to a higher level and fills us with new meanings.

Wilderness. Light. You are naked and you have nothing to hide, nor do you even really
care to.

It is a revelation unto oneself, the utter purity of thought. There is nothing
superfluous around you, nor within you. You are living in the moment. You are filled
only with yourself.

How often do you find yourself in this state? A state of catharsis and enlightenment.

Cliffs and darkness, clefts and mortal danger. Exposed and vulnerable, you seek
truth. Battling with yourself, you attempt to push aside immense boulders - the gravity
of your thoughts. Every movement is a source of pain. Any indiscretion can be your
downfall. You have no clue what will come next, but it all depends only on you, and
on where you will decide to take your next step.

How often do we experience this state? We are most often consumed by the struggle with
ourselves and with the outside world, oblivious to the "here and now."

A journey into the wilderness or the mountains is a journey into your inner thoughts
that will cleanse you of all tinsel and fuss.

Travel alone when you need to. Communicate with yourself. Surmount the obstacles
within yourself and you will see the light. It is the light in which you are sure to
find the truth.

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