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Capturing Your Love: Houston Maternity Photography by Amalya Shandelman Photography

Stunning Belly Maternity Photo Shoot Idea
Rural-style Maternity portrait
Long Dress Maternity Portrait - Beautiful Pregnancy Photography
Radiant Maternity Portrait of a Beautiful Mother-to-Be
Colorful Portrait of Parents-to-Be
Chiffon Maternity Portrait: Effortlessly Beautiful
Stunning Maternity Silhouette Portrait for Expectant Moms
Happy Maternity Portrait of Parents on White Backdrop
Portrait of Happy Parents Waiting for Baby
Captivating Maternity Portrait in Studio
Creative Portrait of Pregnancy: Beauty of Motherhood
The Miracle of Maternity
Award-Winning Black and White Maternity Portrait
Husband and Wife Maternity Portrait - Capturing the Joy of Expecting Together
Black and White Maternity Portrait of Husband and Wife
Elegant Maternity Portraits for Expecting Mothers
Elegant Portrait of Expecting Parents
Emotional B&W Maternity Portrait of Expecting Parents
Emotional Maternity Portrait of Expectant Parents
Beautiful Maternity Portrait of Woman in Blue Dress
Serene Maternity Portrait of Future Mom at the Window
Happy Portrait of Parents Waiting a Baby
The Timeless Beauty of Pregnancy
Radiant Expectations
Beautiful Color Maternity Portrait in Houston
Houston Maternity Silhouette Portraits
Touching Maternity Portrait of Parents-to-be
Elegant Maternity Photography in Houston
Silhouette Maternity Portrait of Woman Expecting Baby
Colorful Maternity Portrait in Houston
Cinematic Maternity Portrait of Expectant Parents
Awaiting the Miracle: Maternity Portrait of a Lady in a Long Red Dress
Beautiful Silhouette Portrait of a Pregnant Woman
Elegant Woman Waiting: A Portrait in Black & White
Capturing the Magic of Parenthood

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is an exciting time for you, filled with anticipation and preparation for the arrival of your little one. One important decision on your planning list is finding a specialist newborn and maternity photographer in Houston for your maternity pictures. Houston maternity photography is all about capturing the love you have for your baby, who you've been taking care of for nine months. The maternity photos taken during a photo shoot will tell your baby how much they were loved even before their arrival. Amalya Shandelman Photography is here to help you preserve these memories and tell your beautiful love story to your little one.

When to Schedule Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photography sessions are typically done between thirty and thirty-five weeks of pregnancy when your belly is full, and you still feel comfortable standing and posing. If you are expecting multiples, we recommend scheduling your Houston maternity photography session between twenty-eight and thirty weeks. However, every pregnancy is different, and we are happy to discuss with you the specific details you want for your maternity photos in Houston.

Why Choose Amalya Shandelman Photography

Amalya Shandelman Photography is a premier full-service Houston photography company that specializes in luxury maternity pictures Houston and newborn photography. Our team of amazing maternity photographers in Houston is dedicated to providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience and unique, fashion-forward maternity photos. We are pushing the boundaries of traditional maternity pictures Houston TX with our personalized approach to each session.

Our Services

We believe that every photo session is unique and that each client deserves a customized experience. You won't find cookie-cutter backdrops or poses during your maternity photo shoot Houston. Our team will work with you to create a session that perfectly captures your love for your baby and tells your beautiful love story.


Preserve your precious memories and capture your love for your baby with Amalya Shandelman Photography. Our team of expert maternity photographers in Houston will work with you to create a unique, personalized session that perfectly captures this special time in your life. Contact us today to schedule your Houston maternity photography session and begin telling your beautiful love story to your little one.