Houston Photographer - Amalya Shandelman
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Awarded photographer in Houston - Amalya Shandelman

WPE Awards - Portrait of the woman with the baby
Awarded group portrait in the Synagogue
Awarded Bar Mitzvah Portrait with flowers
Portrait of Kids in the kitchen
Fine art Senior portrait
Fine-art portrait of a young girl
Fine art portrait of a woman sitting in a sunny room
Mom and Son before Bar Mitzvah Ceremony
Awarded Bar Mitzvah portrait of a boy and his Mom
Portrait of Mom and Newborn
Fine art portrait of an old man in country house
Awarded fine-art portrait of woman with flowers
Rural-style fine art portrait of a man
Rural-style portrait of a young woman
Fine-art Portrait of a woman with flowers by Amalya Shandelman
Artistic portrait of a man sitting on a chair
Awarded portrait of Mom feeding child
Publication in Jewish Herald-Voice
Bar Mitzvah ceremony
Portrait of large family in park
Artistic portrait of children
Fine-art artistic senior portrait
Fine art portrait of a beautiful woman near a window
Awarded Bar Mitzvah portrait
Portrait of a truck driver having a rest during a race
Fine art portrait of a beautiful woman with flowers
Rural-style Maternity portrait
Portrait of a young boy with flowers
Awarded Fine-art Portrait of a black woman with beautiful hands