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Better Photo Booth

Better Photo Booth for Your Event

quality instant photos right during your event

not only fun, but of excellent quality

If you came to this page, probably, you are looking for a photobooth service or booth rent for your event.

We have better solution!

Why is it better than booth:

  • we have excellent studio light. regular booth – not.
  • we have professional camera for set up. regular booth – not.
  • we can take photos of many people. regular booth can hardly fit even two.
  • guests will press the button by their own when ready. in regular booth guests will have automatic stressful 1-2-3 count.

Better Photo Booth call now!

What will you get:

  • studio lightning equipment, professional camera on a tripod
  • open space with optional studio backdrop
  • wireless remote shouter
  • fast photo printer
  • setup and support during the service
  • photos right during event
  • online gallery with all photos

Is it cheaper? No.

Is it better? Yes!


Capture candid moments that traditional photographers might miss, giving you a treasure trove of memories.


Photo booths come with props, backdrops, and customization options, ensuring non-stop entertainment.

Instant Gratification

With on-the-spot printing, guests can take home photo strips as keepsakes, preserving the event's memory.


From branded backdrops to personalized photo templates, photo booths can be tailored to match your event's theme or branding.